Jorge Algraves, an artist whose work is conceptually driven by a balance of an infinite mixture of time. Born in Chihuahua, Mexico in a small town next to the U.S. border, Jorge was quite connected to nature during his childhood, an experience that has affected her artistic process. Later, he earned his Master’s degree in Visual Arts and a B.A. in Graphic Design from Iberoamericana University in Mexico City. Throughout the years, the artist has moved to several cities across Mexico and The United States; currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where he works as a Brand Designer at AltaMed Health Services. Since he moved to California, Jorge has noticed his work developing closer to his latino roots, while living near the ocean has also affected his art, as it has helped his to connect with the mediums in a different way and change the narrative of his work.

His work is based on the neo-expressionism tendency to maintain a focus on social analysis, the simple life and what it represents in each person. His paintings reflect a unique collaboration between the artist and the life that surrounds him.


Working with acrylics and mixed media mostly on canvas, Jorge explores the infinite color combinations through contrast and blending. In his own words: “Every color speaks to me on multiple levels and different stages of my life; and this dialogue is present in the synthesis of reality fragments, the past, present, future, and the emotions”. When he creates, he expresses a mood, a memory or a feeling, while sometimes, when the piece comes together, the outcome is a surprise for him. As he notes, it is quite hard for him not to be influenced by the ongoing political movements in his home country: “Seeing my country suffering for so long, I feel I have the duty to express the connection through understanding bridges for the world to acknowledge the problems Mexico face every day”.